Cora’s Corner

So I’ve decided that it is about time that I accomodate the needs of my gluten free friends (Cora and John!). I received a text one night from a friend that said “When Kristin opens her bakery, we need a section called ‘Cora’s Corner’ for all gluten free” baked goods and a light when off…

It seems that lately I have been hearing more and more cases of  people becoming allergic to gluten. It’s difficult for them to find good gluten-free restaurants and enjoy desserts without the awful side-effects. I’m hoping to make life a little easier for them.

In Cora’s Corner you’ll find everything gluten-free! From restaurant recomendations, to coffee shops and recipes.



One Response to “Cora’s Corner”

  1. Nancy March 2, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

    I was in love with King Arthur before going gtelun free, and living only 2 hours away we would always stop in for fresh baked goods and products to bake with. When they came out with these mixes I only expected the best coming from them. I just baked the chocolate cake tonight, only I made them into cupcakes (it made 24!) so that I could freeze them and take them out individually because I don’t eat that many sweets. Just eating the cake alone, it was a little spongey but still tastey. After I frosted them with homemade buttercream, they were absolutely delicious!!! It will be a staple in my house, and I can’t wait to see how they do after thawing.

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