The Chocolate & Coffee Love Affair

31 Jul

Well, it’s been a great weekend in NYC!

It was hot, but Saturday was one of the best days to wander through Central Park. I woke up, had a great brunch and strolled up to 60th Street and 5th Ave. I intended to just casually stroll for an hour or so, find a cozy spot in the shade and read my book, but I ended up wandering for close to 3 hours and finding some really great spots.

Today has been a day full of friends, good food and relaxation as well. I’ve been in a lazy and relaxed mood all weekend (which I find to be an odd state given the hustle and bustle of NYC, but I’m embracing it!) and today was no different. I met up with two of my girlfriends for a great brunch at Josie’s and then headed to the MET with the intention of seeing the Alexander McQueen Exhibit, but unfortunately with a 2 hour-long line, we decided to wander the rooms instead and headed up to the rooftop garden which had the most beautiful view of NYC that I’ve seen in a very long time.

My real excitement kicked in when we left the museum. Heading in search of a Starbucks we came across this wonderful little coffee and chocolates place called Our Little Brown. It is located on the Upper East Side on Lexington at 85th Street. I think the part of this shop that peaked my interest the most was the back wall. Painted on it was “The Chocolate & Coffee Love Affair”.

My immediate thought upon walking into this find was that I could spend a lot of time here. Also, to top it off, they have a healthy choice menu! This may not be my ‘go to’ area of the menu, but my best friend is allergic to gluten and there are several gluten-free options which means this is a delicious place we can both enjoy.

My advice to you, is that if you’re ever on the upper east side of Manhattan, make a point to head into Little Brown. It was cozy and delicious!


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